Counter Culture

Connect with your customers, promote your store & show off your tweets straight from your ipad!

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Counter Culture Now Available in the App Store!

Connect with your customers.

Maintain a relationship with your customer - capture email addresses directly from the checkout.

Set up the application to integrate directly with your Campaign Monitor account or login, view and export your email database for use in the email marketing system of your choice.

Choose from a number of available backgrounds, or upload your own

We've preloaded the app with several of great themes to choose from so you can get up and running in seconds.

If you want something a little more specific you can also use your own branded subscription themes. Simply login to your account, upload a new background and sync with the application.

Example of newsletter sign-up screen
Capture customer emails straight from the checkout Integrate iwth Campaign Monitor or export to .csv Choose one of our themes or upload your own

Promote your store.

Instore advertising has never been this easy.

Promote your latest sales, announce new products and reinforce your brand straight from your iPad.

Just login to your account, upload your promotional images & sync with the application and you'll have your very own in-store promotional slideshow.

Want to advertise and still capture subscribers? No problem! Easily set the slideshow to appear after periods of no interaction and go back to the subscriber screen with just a touch.

Examples of promotional images
Available in the app store soon. Get it.